More CSR Projects under ‘Munchee Samaga Gamata Sarana’ Programme

Ganegoda Maha Vidyalaya in Elpitiya has over 1000 students and although they had drinking water available, the children underwent much difficulty in obtaining it as they had to draw the water. Ceylon Biscuits Ltd came to their help and built them a drinking water system consisting of a water tank, sinks and taps affording them easy access to drinking water.

Around 600 families live in the village of Bulathkohupitiya and the only access to the town was across this Wel Palama which was in a dangerous state of collapse. Therefore the villagers avoided crossing it as it was unsafe. Munchee Samaga Gamata Sarana undertook the repair of this Wel Palama making it a strong, usable bridge suitable for daily use of the villagers of Bulathkohupitiya.

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