Revello wins global and local accolades

The awards received by Revello

Revello, one of Sri Lanka’s leading brand of chocolates, recently won prestigious local and global accolades, in a move that endorsed the brand’s exceptional quality and taste.
Revello won Sri Lanka’s highest Quality Award in 2019, for the Large Scale Manufacturing Category presented by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution.

In a move that clearly endorsed it’s world class taste and appeal, Revello Milk Chocolate also won the prestigious international award “Superior Taste Award 2019”, presented by the International Taste Institute of Belgium. The Award affirms the outstanding taste of Revello chocolates manufactured in Sri Lanka.

Nilupul de Silva General Manager Marketing at CBL Foods International (Pvt) Ltd, says being chosen for international and Sri Lankan recognition is indeed an endorsement for the world class quality and Taste of Revello.

“Our products are made at a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant utilizing top end manufacturing and automation systems. Revello is a world class brand made to meet SLS 326-2015 Specification for Mark product certification and ISO 9000-2015/ISO 22000-2005/ ISO 14000-2015 certified and international quality standards.”

“The manufacturing process is undertaken by a team of experts – from chocolatiers who create each delectable product to the quality experts ensuring that our quality meets global standards. Revello is built on a strong platform of consistent quality that takes changing customer perceptions and needs into account.”

He adds. Launched in 2011, Revello is available in many variants – from Milk to Cashew, Hazelnut, Almond, Crispy, Fruit and Nut, Coconut and Peanut.

“Research and customer feed back confirm that Revello is recognized by Sri Lankan consumers as exceptional in taste and quality. “ says Nirmala Premarathne Brand Manager for Revello at CBL Foods International (Pvt) Ltd, “ With world class packaging and premium ingredients that make Revello an attractive choice for discerning chocolate lovers, Revello’s signature taste has become an extremely popular choice of our consumers.”

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